From clips and adjusters for trouser braces to clasps for belt buckles and fasteners for work clothes.

Metall goods for fashion and indusrty

CAS Aufermann manufactures clips, adjusters, and back pieces for trouser braces (suspender) as well as belt buckles and clasps. Surface finishing processes are also offered as contract labour.
As a supplier of the fashion and clothing industry, CAS Aufermann offers products that are “Made in Germany”.

The best adjusters for trouser braces in ther world

CAS Aufermann products have always been known for their high quality. The large selection of adjusters for different strap widths and thicknesses deserves special mention here, because even in the early days CAS Aufermann was known for having “The best adjusters for trouser braces in the world”!

The versatile manufactory you can trust

Clips for trouser braces (trouser suspender) and many other accessories are produced in Lüdenscheid, but not just for the fashion industry. Because some manufacturing processes are still carried out in the traditional way, CAS Aufermann is the versatile manufacturer of choice for many customers.

Metal finishing with white bronze

High-quality metal finishing with white bronze is one of CAS Aufermann’s specialities. Individual finishing techniques are used for customers and optimised for the various products and applications.

Skin compatible thanks to metal finishing

Wherever high quality or compatibility to the skin with metals is required, CAS Aufermann products or finishes are in demand. Therefore, many manufacturers from a wide range of industries place their long-term trust in the proven reliability of CAS Aufermann.

Products and services

Our products

Specialising in metal products for fashion and industry with the desired/required finish.

Our services

In addition to bending and stamping, the main focus is on electroplating, including with white bronze. This is backed up by certification according to EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our company

Since 1869, everything from a single source!